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Rama Circuit:

Ayodhya, Nandigram, Shringhverpur and Chitrakoot in Uttar Pradesh; Sitamarhi, Buxar and Darbhanga in Bihar; Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh; Bhadrachalam in Telangana; Hampi in Karnataka and Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu. 

Tar (Bhojpur):
Tarka, a demon killed by lord Rama and because of this this place is known as Tar. This place we consider a very important place when we organize tour to Bihar. There is an old tank in the village which is famous for being the wrestling ground of Tarka.
Ahirauli (Buxur):
This place village has a temple of Devi Ahilya. Devi Ahilya was transformed into stone as a result of curse of her husband, Rishi Gautam and she could be redeemed only when Lord Ram Chandra visited her place. So this place is holiest place.
Ram Rekha Ghat (Buxur):
This is one of the most important Ramayana Sites According to mythology, God Ram and his younger brother Lakshman along with their teacher Rishi Vishwamitra had crossed the Holy River Ganga here on their way to Janakpur where he later took part in the Sitaswayambar.
Pretshila Hills (Gaya):
There is a small temple on the top of the hill, appropriately dedicated to Yam, literal meaning is the Hill of ghosts and it is sacred to yam, the Hindu god of hell and forms one of the sacred places of pilgrimage.
Giddheshwar (Jamui):
There is a temple of Lord Shiva and it is believed that the epic fight between the vulture Jatayu and the demon Ravan took place here on the hill.
Kako (Jehanabad):
As per local legends and Ramayana Story, Lord Ram's step mother, Rani Kekaiy of Ayodhya lived here for some time and the village took its name after her.
Singheshwar Asthan (Madhepura):
This place is known for the story of Rishi Shringi. In ancient time Singheshwar was situated on the bank of the river Kosi and was surrounded by dense and lush green forest. It was ideally situated for 'Tapasya' (Meditation) and Vibhandak Rishi along with is son Rishi Shringi dedicated all his time in deep meditation.
Phullahar (Madhubani):
The village has the temple of Goddess Girija. It is said that Goddess Sita used to come here every day to worship. Here Lord Rama saw Goddess Sita for the first time.
Sita Kund (Munger):
Lord Ram after rescuing his wife Goddess Sita from the demon king Ravana, suspected her honor and Goddess Sita to prove her chastity agreed to enter a blazing fire. She came out of the fiery or deal unscathed, and imparted to the pool in which she bathed, the heat she had absorbed from the fire. The hot spring is now enclosed in a masonry reservoir and is visited by large number of pilgrims especially at the full moon of Magh.
Ramchura (Vaishali):
According to myths God Ram Chandra had a stopover here for a bath on his way to Janakpur. There are some marks on stone, which are said to be his footprints. This is situated in Vaishali.
Ahilya Asthan (Darbhanga):
It is known for the temple of Ahilya. Inside the Shrine is a flat stone said to contain the foot prints of Sita Mata as the main object of worship.This village is situated about 24 kms North West of Darbhanga and about 4 kms from Kamtaul.
Janki Temple (Sitamarhi):
This temple is considered to be the birth place of SitaMata.This temple seems to have been built about 100 years ago.
Janki Temple (Punausa):
Around 5 kms South West of Sitamarhi this place also claims to be the birth place of Sita and is considered to be sacred place where people go for a pilgrimage.
Haleshwar Asthan (Sitamarhi):
This is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva according to the myths the King of Videha on the occasion of PutrayesthiYojna, founded this temple.
Panth Pakar (Sitamarhi):
It is said that when Sita left Janakpur in a Paanquin for Ayodhya after the marriage to Shri Ram, she was given rest for a while under this very banyan tree. An age old banyan tree still stands here about 8 kms North-East of Sitamarhi.
Chanki Garh (West Champaran):
This place is also known as JanakiGarh. There is a large mound in the eastern part of the village. Originally it was probably a Fort and the remains of fortification can still be seen. As per local belief it was a Fort of king Janak.
Valmiki Nagar (West Champaran):
In this place there are ancient temple of Nara Devi and Gauri Shankar Besides an old Shiva temple constructed by the Bettiah Raj. There is a Valmiki Ashram, which is said to be the place where MaharshiValmiki was living. This place we include in our Ramayan Circuit tour packages.